Hopes for the Offseason: Nick Greenwood


He stepped up big for the team last season when the Cardinals were struggling to get innings.

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In 19 games with the big league team, Nick Greenwood was 2-1 with a 4.75 ERA. He had one start. He  pitched 36 innings, giving up 19 earned runs and five homers, while striking out 17.

Sure he wasn’t great, but when Joe Kelly went down with injury and Shelby Miller couldn’t make it past four innings … and all the other pitching dramas of last summer with Justin Masterson and Adam Wainwright … Greenwood came in and cut off the bleeding, so to speak.

Nick Greenwood came in and cut off the bleeding

So, my hopes for Greenwood? Pretty easy. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to play the same role next season!

It would be great to see him with the big club all season. But, depending on how Spring Training goes for him, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him spend a majority of his time in Memphis with the Redbirds. He’ll get some innings as a starter for them. And when he’s with the big club, he can again spot start or provide a couple of innings of relief.

He’ll be a role player. And I’m sure he’s ok with that!

Here’s hoping he stays healthy and has a great spring!