Hopes for the Offseason: Marco Gonzales


Note: Hopes for the Offseason will be a series of posts regarding my hopes for players on the current St. Louis Cardinals’ 40-man roster. 

If anyone of the Cardinals needed a break this offseason, it was Marco Gonzales.

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In his first portion of a year as a major leaguer, Marco was quite busy. He started some. He relieved some. He hit some too. Whatever the Cardinals needed of him, he stepped up. Big.

Here’s Marco’s numbers during his regular season.

And here are his numbers from his postseason, which was equally as amazing because again he was a rookie!

So, that’s my main hope for Marco. Rest up!

Marco may be with the club in either a fifth starter or long relief role again. I’m concerned that he worked so much last season and postseason that he may have been overexposed. He’s anticipated to be one of the top tier starting pitchers of the future. So, I’m sure this is something that the offseason and having more time between pitching performances will help. I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing him have a couple months in Memphis especially if he falls into that long relief role.

Marco is another bullet point in the for column for the Cardinals too get another starter via trade or free agency.

All of that said, I enjoy watching Marco pitch. I look forward to watching him in a Cardinals uniform for years to come!