A Scientifically Unscientific Look At What The St. Louis Cardinals Might Do


Thursday, I took to CastApp on my phone to ask Casters a burning question regarding our beloved St. Louis Cardinals.

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The Question Posed: Do you think the Cardinals are headed for another big move this offseason? Comment to explain, if you will.

Answer Choices:

A. Still Need Another Big Pitcher

B. Randy Choate is still on the team? Yes.

C. More Bench Help, Please

D. Nah, they are done!

The huge trade involving Jason Heyward, Jordan Walden, Shelby Miller and Tyrell Jenkins and subsequent rumors of other potential moves prompted the question. After six hours of the question live to accumulate results, here they are for your consumption!

First off, 29 people responded to the Cast poll.

The results are as follows:

34% – Choate is still on the team? Yes.

31% – Still need another big Pitcher

17% – More Bench Help, Please

17% – Nah, They Are Done!

I also had a couple of comments that were interesting.

Cast user Jim Scherretz said, “I think Mo sits back and watches spring training unfold, then fill in the gaps.”

I think in years past, this has been a tactic Mo would do. This year, after the death of Oscar Taveras, is quite different though. The team needs a jolt and he’s doing what he can to make next season’s squad as amazing as he can. And that includes all the moves that he can do.

Cast User C70, our friend Daniel Shoptaw, answered Choate is still on the team? Yes. But added the comment, “Though I don’t think moving Choate would be big in anyway.” Well, Daniel is correct there. I’d just like to see Choate gone after his miserable NLCS performance. I’ve not really hidden that on this page though!

Stay tuned as I may have more scientifically unscientific fun with polls again soon! Tweet me or comment below with poll suggestions!