St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Peter Bourjos hopes for a better 2015 season


St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Peter Bourjos recently underwent hip surgery and is hoping for a better 2015 baseball season.

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According to Friday’s report from Derrick Goold, the hip condition had been described by a team official as a “chronic” condition for Bourjos and impacted him during the second half of the season. The team did not make a statement at Bourjos’ request when he underwent surgery on October 21st to “address an impingement and repair cartilage damage on the right side of his hip.”

Bourjos opened up about the hip issue on Friday after working on his hip in rehab.

"“I never felt like I slowed down,” said Bourjos, talking just after a rehab appointment Friday. Having the operation “means one less thing to work around. My hip was always sore and when something like that is sore your body finds a way to compensate for it. It probably happened most at the plate as you try to stay comfortable and you compensate by getting off the back leg a little quicker. Now, I can stay through, I can stay through things without the pain.”"

Interestingly enough, Bourjos hit better during the second half of the season but only played in 50 games compared to the 69 games played in the season’s first half.

First Half: .220/.284/.335
Second Half: .253/.313/.374

Bourjos is expected back in St. Louis next month to have his hip looked at again.