Adam Wainwright Has Surgery, Because Of Course


Nope! Nothing to see here!

St. Louis Cardinals staff ace Adam Wainwright had surgery Friday to trim the cartilage in his right elbow.

Playing this off  like it was no big deal, when it obviously was one … well. That was dumb.

Yes. You read that right. Trimming cartilage in his elbow.

No biggie!

According to Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

"Wainwright had a surgical procedure done Friday on the backside of his pitching elbow, multiple sources have confirmed. Wainwright had a ligament trimmed in his right elbow, a Cardinals official said. The club confirmed the surgery was done Friday.General manager John Mozeliak said it was the second opinion that led the procedure. It was performed by Dr. George Paletta. Mozeliak said the surgery would have no impact on Wainwright’s 2015 season. The pitcher should be ready to throw in six weeks.Earlier this week, Mozeliak said that Wainwright had an MRI on the irritated joint and that there would be no need for a surgical procedure to get him well. Rest was prescribed. After Monday’s press conference had happened, Wainwright sought a second opinion which resulted in Friday’s surgery."

Goold later reported that it was an area of cartilage that was trimmed in his elbow to remove irritation.

I don’t think there is a St. Louis Cardinal fan that could honestly tell you they are not surprised by this. Since the July 22 game against the Tampa Bay Rays he hasn’t been right. We’re told on numerous occasions by Waino that it was no big deal. Just a dead arm issue. Just something that happens. He’ll be OK.

Having surgery. Because you’re ok! We all do that, right?!

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Well. It’s been completed and I’m glad for that! It was rough seeing the staff ace struggle. I’m glad that any damage he may have done to himself by continuing to pitch with the


bad arm was probably taken care of with today’s surgery.

I hope all that’s needed now is rest and he’ll be good to go for Spring Training.

But seriously. Playing this off  like it was no big deal, when it obviously was one … well. That was dumb. I’m not sure what the deal is but it’s frustrating that every year a player gets injured, we’re told it’s no big deal, that he needs rest and then oops another opinion is received and they have to have surgery.

Surgery is a big deal. And these are multi-million dollar athletes. And they are human beings. Taking one or 20 for the team sounds brave, but what’s it doing long term?

Waino is one of my favorite pitchers. He is good. I just want Waino to be Bueno for a long time.