Vince Coleman wants to help the St. Louis Cardinals’ baserunning


Vince Coleman would like the chance to return to the St. Louis Cardinals and help the team with their baserunning.

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Coleman, who won the 1985 National League Rookie of the Year Award, played six of his 13 seasons with the Cardinals. His finished his career with 752 stolen bases and was caught stealing 177 times. He is ranked sixth all-time for stolen bases.

Coleman would be a big benefit to a Cardinals team that only swiped 57 bases in the 2014 season–third to last in the league. The only teams that were worse were the San Francisco Giants and Baltimore Orioles.

Recently, Coleman was working as a roving instructor with the Houston Astros. The Astros GM is Jeff Luhnow, formerly the scouting director for the Cardinals.

“I’ve watched the game develop over the years,” Coleman told Rob Rains recently. “That (stealing bases) was my passion. What I teach is what I had a passion for. I want to share that knowledge. It gives me a shot in the arm every day to see these kids grow and develop.”

According to the Rains article, nobody in the Cardinals organization specifically works on baserunning. Willie McGee has helped to a certain degree with baserunning but he’s only working a few days per month with one team.

The Cardinals have a number of speedsters in their organization and Coleman’s teaching would certainly be beneficial.

Coleman opened up to Rains about wanting to return to the Cardinals family. Fans would welcome him back. Leaving the Cardinals was one of his biggest regrets to this day. Following the 1990 season, Coleman signed a four-year agreement with the New York Mets but that was only after his agent and then-GM Dal Maxvill could not agree to a deal.