Hopes for the Offseason: Randy Choate


Note: Hopes for the Offseason will be a series of posts regarding my hopes for players on the current St. Louis Cardinals’ 40-man roster. 

Prior to the 2014 Postseason, I was ambivalent toward Randy Choate. After the Postseason? After Game 4? I have clear emotions about Randy Choate. Specifically? He isn’t needed in the St. Louis Cardinals clubhouse.

Let’s be fair and take a look at the relief pitchers numbers.

Here are his 2014 regular season numbers:

Pretty gross, huh? Tell me again why he made the postseason roster and Sam Freeman didn’t? No. Really.

Ok. Now. Here are Choate’s postseason numbers.

Ugh! Honestly, I’m sorry if you’re eating something while reading this because that is gross, my friends!

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After the Game 4 debacle in which he threw the ball way off target, allowing the Giants game winning run to score, that was pretty much it for him. And then, MAnager Mike Matheny had to go and give him another shot in Game 5. His body language was awful. He didn’t want to be out there and it was obvious. Pitching Coach Derek Lilliquist had to go have a talk with him as did Catcher A.J. Pierzynski. After every pitch, pretty much. Some how he made it. But that should be it for Randy.


Ok, let’s discuss my hopes for his offseason.

* Bye! During GM John Mozeliak’s season post-mortem press conference, it sounded like he was looking to upgrade the lefty relief spots on the roster. Other options for Matheny. I’m probably looking way to hard into what Mo said. As many did after that press conference. But, I’d like to think upgrading means getting rid of Choate.

But. Get this … 2015 will be the final year of a three year deal with the Cardinals. He is set to make a cool $3 million. Yeah. Three Million Dollars. Look at the numbers above and tell me he’s worth that!

I would be surprised if the Cardinals could get anything of value in return for Choate. And, I don’t think they will eat the $3 million and release him. We can hope for a trade. But really. …

In the mean time… if he HAS to stay with the Cardinals, what should he do?

* See a hypnotherapy or a sports psychologist. He needs to get it in his brain … somehow, someway … that he needs to be an effective relief pitcher. Throw strikes. Get outs.

* Work on fielding bunts and throwing to first. Enough said!