Hopes for the Offseason: Matt Carpenter


Note: Hopes for the Offseason will be a series of posts regarding my hopes for players on the current St. Louis Cardinals’ 40-man roster. 

He was pretty much the most consistent player on the St. Louis Cardinals roster and thank goodness for it! Matt Carpenter could arguably be the team’s most valuable player. When the team needs a lift, he finds a way to provide it. An awesome play? He will do his best.

I was a little unsure of Marp at first, but after the past two seasons … my tune has changed! He never played second base before. He learned the position and became excellent at it. This season, he went back to playing his natural position at third base. No big deal. The 2015 season will be his first with no big changes.

So let’s take a look at how he did numbers wise in 2014.

He also has a 3.0 WAR if that means anything to you!

Oh! And his postseason numbers! Look at this:

By the numbers or by the gut, you really can’t deny what a great impact Marp is for the Cardinals.

I’m glad he’s signed for multiple years with the club. Regression is always a huge worry, but it’s kind of hard to really be too concerned with Carpenter. He’s just a good, gritty, “grind it out” kind of player. And y’all know St. Louis fans love them some of that!

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My hopes for Marp this offseason are pretty simple!

* Keep it up! This is Matt Carpenter we’re talking about so you know he has an amazing work-out and conditioning routine. He lives near Texas Christian University’s baseball practice facility. So… he’ll definitely get in batting cage time. He’ll work on fielding — which could always improve. He’ll work on his fundamentals. He will continue working on his third base skills. No question!

* Be a leader. You saw glimpses of it during the postseason run. Being a cheerleader. Encouraging the younger guys. He’s a good person and he loves his team. I want more though! I’d like to see him step out and be a more vocal leader in the clubhouse. He’s earned that right.