For Game 5, St. Louis Cardinals Must Be Alive


NLCS Game 5 is really important for the St. Louis Cardinals. I know that seems obvious. I just hope it’s as obvious to the team.

And I really believe it is… They have to know the past two games have been played like complete crap. They know they have to do better. They want to do better.  Here are a few thoughts I have going into tonight’s very important game.

Play like you want to bring it home to St. Louis and go back to the World Series. Play like it so your fans will know you mean it.

* Cards Must Win & Get Back to St. Louis. If they win tonight, they get to take the series back to St. Louis. This team absolutely thrives playing in front of the Cardinal Faithful.

* Waino Must Be September Waino, Not August Waino. There has been some talk since Game 1 that Adam and A.J. Pierzynski had an extensive conversation about what the Cardinals’ ace pitcher may have been doing wrong. Specifically, his delivery was late and it was causing a drag. This is something Waino has been working on in his bullpen sessions. I, for one, am extremely excited to see if this actually works and benefits him. If so, we need to keep A.J. around a while! Here’s a little more on this story, if you’d like to read it.

* Speaking of A.J. If we can’t have Yadi Molina behind the plate, I’m glad Pierzynski is an option. He really is a good teammate… See?

* Kolten Wong. What an amazing postseason this guy is having! Very impressive. Especially after a stint in Memphis this summer as well as his performance in last season’s World Series. I couldn’t be more happy for him! I hope we have some more dramatic homeruns and plays from him this postseason. But. His future looks pretty great too! Take a look at his home run last night that gets close to splashing!

* Curious to see what the line-up will be tonight. There needs to be a little shake-up at least. I think the Giants KNOW how to pitch to this line-up. That means it’s time to shake it up. I’m not even going to request a change in the outfield because it’s not going to happen. Just… tweak it Mike. Please!

* Use Michael Wacha, No Marco Gonzales or Randy Choate. Michael Wacha is rested and seems ready to go. If relief is needed, go to Wacha! Please! Marco has been used so much. After last night, you could add that he’s getting tired too. And Randy Choate. No. His body language was gross. I’m glad A.J. or Lilliquist … or Wong … yelled at him. It worked. But? Why? Why yell! Meh!

* Most importantly. Play like you mean it. Play like you want to bring it home to St. Louis and go back to the World Series. Play like it so your fans will know you mean it. It makes a big difference … for you and the fans. Try it. It will work!