PostCards: Shelby Miller talks pitching in 2014 NLCS Game 4


St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Shelby Miller addressed the media on Tuesday afternoon about pitching against the San Francisco Giants in Game 4 of the 2014 NLCS.

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Q. How much do you think the rest paid off going into your last start and getting another week off between starts? Is that a benefit at this time of year?

SHELBY MILLER: Yeah, I think you get your rest, clearly. Just that little extra time you get to work on little things and throw a little bit more off the mound and get a little bit more of a feel.

The last time was a little longer, but two weeks before the last start, but this start ain’t going to be bad at all. Just a week off, you know, you’ll feel stronger and get a little bit of extra work in.

Q. Do you feel like this bigger ballpark at all caters to your game any more? Do you pitch any differently knowing there’s a bigger outfield?

SHELBY MILLER: No, not really. You don’t really change anything as far as preparation or anything like that. I don’t take ballparks into consideration or anything like that. I don’t think a lot of pitchers do.

But it is a big ballpark with a bunch of big gaps. The biggest thing is try to get ground balls, try to keep the ball out of the air as much as possible. If you can do that, and we’ll have a game plan going into it.

Q. You talked about being anxious for your first postseason start last week against the Dodgers. Do you think you’ll be more settled this time or is a little nervous energy not such a bad thing?

SHELBY MILLER: I think, you know, when tomorrow comes, you’ll have a little‑‑ it will be the same feeling. Even with that one start under your belt, you’re starting in a hectic environment in San Francisco, got great fans that are loud and know baseball and love their team.

But at the same time, yeah, the first one definitely helps, but you know, you’re coming into a place with a tough team at home. Just got to go out there and pitch.

Q. You’ve never been hesitant to kind of commend Yadi for the job he does working for you. You’ve thrown with Pierzynski and Cruz over the summer. How comfortable are you with those guys behind the plate?

SHELBY MILLER: A. J. and Tony are guys that have been around for a while. Especially A. J., he knows a lot of these hitters, and same with Tony. I know Tony works a lot with Yadi on video. You know, you trust in those guys. The same way you would with Yadi, you’ve got to believe in those guys and how much they work and that they are going to do their job.

We as a team believe in those guys, too.

Q. You really did well late in the season, and it didn’t seem like much changed about your arsenal in terms of the pitches you threw and the location and velocity and movement. Did you change maybe something about the location, maybe throw the fastball a little bit high in the zone or anything about that?

SHELBY MILLER: You know, no, not for the most part. We always have kind of a game plan going into it and I’ve always been a guy who‑‑ don’t shake the catcher too much. Following guys that have been around for a while and know these hitters a little better than I do, that’s what I go with. When I feel comfortable with a certain approach, I’ll go with a certain pitch.

But for the most part, these guys do an extremely good job calling games and make my job a lot easier. But for the most part, same pitches, same scenarios, not really changing up anything pitch‑wise.