PostCards: Matt Adams, Shelby Miller talk after Cardinals win NLDS Game 4


Matt Adams and Shelby Miller addressed the media after the St. Louis Cardinals won the NLDS over the Los Angeles Dodgers and advanced to the 2014 NLCS.

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Q. Matt, would you say that’s the most emphatically you’ve ever run the bases before?

MATT ADAMS: Yeah, I don’t think I touched the ground the whole way around the bases. And this guy sitting beside me kept us in the game. It felt good to take the lead in the 7th.

Q. Matt, what kind of a pitch was it you hit?

MATT ADAMS: It was a curveball that stayed up in the zone. Saw it pop up out of his hand and knew it was going to be a good one to swing at.

Q. Matt, you worked a lot in the offseason with left‑handed, off‑speed stuff. Can you talk a little bit about that preparation and how did that help you?

MATT ADAMS: It was no secret that I struggled throughout the season against lefties. And that’s one thing going into the series, we knew that a couple of starters and a lot of guys in the bullpen were lefties.

So did a lot of work coming up to the series just hitting on the curveball machine down in the cage. And just trying to see the ball coming that way, a little bit more.

Q. Shelby, Mike said this was an “I told you so” afternoon for you.

SHELBY MILLER: It was awesome. Everything we did throughout that game. We fought to the very end. You can’t ask for more out of my teammates, the way they played defense. The way we scored runs. Matt’s home run, the first two guys that got on before him. That’s the way we played. We were going to play to the very last out. And it was a heck of a game and a lot of fun, I know that.
Oct 7, 2014; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Shelby Miller (left) celebrates with teammate Kevin Siegrist after defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in game four of the 2014 NLDS baseball playoff game and advancing to the NLCS at Busch Stadium. Image Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports
Q. For both of you, this is the fourth straight year this organization has been now in the NLCS. Can you talk about coming up into this and what the mentality is to allow the team to do what you guys have done?

SHELBY MILLER: You know, there’s no doubt the history behind this organization and everything it stands for. I’ve been with the team for two years and been in three postseasons. And day‑in and day‑out they tell us not to take it for granted.

The veteran guys who have been around for a while know that this hasn’t happened every single year. To be a part of all of it with these guys and these teammates, you know, this kind of thing never gets old.

At the same time we know to stay humble about it all. And like I said, it’s amazing. We’re going to continue to try to do this every year.

MATT ADAMS: Like Shelby said, the mentality is never really give up mentality. I came up with Shelby in the Minor Leagues. We got to Spring Training, they hammered it into us that this organization likes to win and knows that they can win. So that was a big thing that I picked up on. And I go by.

But like Shelby said, it doesn’t really happen. A lot of great players played this game that haven’t made it to the postseason. So can’t take it for granted, but we know there’s more work ahead of us.

Q. You mentioned you guys came up in the Minor Leagues together. So many guys came up through the system. Does that have a residual effect, do you think, at this level, that you all came out of the Cardinal system?

MATT ADAMS: I think it shows that they believe within the organization. They draft guys that they can develop and are their type of player. That’s a big thing knowing that if you get drafted by the Cardinals you know that you’re going to have a chance to come up through the organization and play in the big leagues with them.

Q. How much of an accomplishment is it to beat Kershaw twice in the series?

SHELBY MILLER: Clayton Kershaw is the guy that’s probably going to win MVP and Cy Young. There’s no doubt that he’s one of the best pitchers in the game, and we know that as a team. Going into the start today I knew it was going to be a battle against him. If I put up zeroes, he’s going to do the same exact thing.

It shows that our team never gives up. We were down 6‑2 and come back and win that game in the first game of this series. And then I give up two runs in the 6th and then we come back and score three.

Our team, we just never give up. We’re going to play to the very last out, no matter who the opponent is. But to do it against LA, a tough team, in a really tough pitcher in this fashion is pretty fun to watch. And I don’t put it past any of our players to come out on top of this game. It’s a great team effort. And this big guy over here is the reason why we won today.