PostCards: Lance Lynn talks NLDS Game 2


Lance Lynn addressed the media on Friday in advance of the St. Louis Cardinals facing the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 2 of the 2014 National League Division Series.

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Q. This was the site of a blister game and I wonder, just from a matter of I guess protocol, what have you done to prevent that, you had that goop here. Did you have to stick with that, is that something that kind of changed your habits or that you had to kind of monitor for the rest of the season?

LANCE LYNN: It’s one of those things that happens. But, no, there was some different things that we did to make sure that that didn’t happen again and we stayed on it all year.

Q. What are some of those things?

LANCE LYNN: That’s for me to know and you to worry about, I guess.

Q. I don’t worry about it.

LANCE LYNN: Good. I don’t worry about it either.

Q. You’ve talked this season about the steps forward you’ve taken to bring your game to another level. Is having deep dominant post‑season starts the next thing that you want to get on your resume?

LANCE LYNN: Yeah, that’s, you look at some of the great pitchers in the game, they do that. That’s what I want to be. So, that’s the next step to becoming what I want to be.

Q. Can you elaborate on anything that you can think has kept you from that? This is not your first, in fact, you’ve only known the post‑season every year you’ve played. So, it’s not experience, what in the past has kind of kept you from being the pitcher that you’re kind of describing?

LANCE LYNN: Not pitching as well as I would like.

Q. In the same line of questioning, do you feel like you’re entering October in a better place now than you did the last two years as a starter in terms of strength that that maybe that can play into pitching better into October?

LANCE LYNN: Maybe. We’ll find out.

Q. Controlling your emotions in the post‑season, are you able to stay in the same routine, how do you keep it normal even though it’s not normal?

LANCE LYNN: Emotions are good. You got to play with emotion. It’s going to be exciting time. I’m looking forward to it.

Q. How does this Dodgers team compare to the one you faced last post‑season?
LANCE LYNN: A little bit healthier. Same guys, just healthier. So it’s going to be a tough series. Just like it was last year. Should be exciting. We’re looking forward to it.

They got some guys who can do some things and you got to make sure that you limit it as much as you can.