Memphis Redbirds winning affects St. Louis Cardinals roster in September


The September 1st roster expansions are just over ten days away and the Memphis Redbirds’ winning in the Pacific Coast League affects the St. Louis Cardinals’ decision-making on who to call up.

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The fact that the Redbirds keep winning in the PCL is a testament to the Cardinals player development system. In all likelihood, the players that could have an immediate impact in the Major Leagues are going to be playing in September with Memphis.

Tommy Pham and Xavier Scruggs are among players that the Cardinals have to be talking about with regards to a September call-up but chances are that it would have to wait until following Memphis’ season. Scruggs was just named as the Pacific Coast League Player of the Week, joining Pham and Tyler Lyons in taking it home for three consecutive weeks.

Unlike Pham and Scruggs, Lyons is on the 40-man roster and would not need somebody moved off the roster in September. Randal Grichuk is a likely candidate and he’s already on the 40-man roster so there’s no need to designate for assignment or release someone on the roster.

At this point, it isn’t a matter of who on the Memphis roster can provide immediate help, be it a spot start or a role in the bullpen. It’s a matter of when they would be available as the team continues to win games. The Cardinals are likely to wait until after Memphis season ends before calling up someone that could provide an immediate spark.