Lance Lynn roughed up, exits game early


St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Lance Lynn had been improving of late but he was roughed up in the first two innings of Saturday’s game against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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Not all of last night’s loss is because of Lynn’s pitching. Some of it relates to players making costly mistakes on defense. Daniel Descalso was unable to handle a double play ball and lost control in his glove. Matt Carpenter was unable to get a handle on a throw.

Listen, that’s just the way the game of baseball is played. People make mistakes but don’t put this all on Lynn. Everyone is entitled to a bad start once in a while but this one is not completely on Lynn–although pitching with a blister did not help matters whatsoever.

Nick Greenwood pitched four relief innings last night and kept the Dodgers scoreless. Unfortunately for him, the Cardinals offense could not get it done.

Dodgers starter Zack Greinke allowed a home run to Carpenter while striking out ten in seven innings. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, Clayton Kershaw pitches today.

The Cards will need Shelby Miller to get deep into the game against Kershaw this afternoon.

As for the team’s pitching, nobody really has an idea of when Michael Wacha will return to the rotation. He could be out for five weeks or he could miss the rest of the season. Don’t expect Oscar Taveras to be traded in order to get a pitcher that can help out the Cardinals.