Cardinals draft pick Jordan DeLorenzo talks to Redbird Rants


Jordan DeLorenzo, a West Florida pitcher drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 11th round of the 2014 MLB Draft, spoke to Redbird Rants on Thursday.

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Daniel Solzman: Thanks for joining Redbird Rants today. How are things treating you as you settle into Johnson City?

Jordan DeLorenzo: Things are going well and I am excited for the season to begin.

Daniel Solzman: Can you describe what it felt like when you found out that Cardinals were selecting you in the 11th round of the draft?

Jordan DeLorenzo: It was an unbelievable feeling and it felt surreal.

Daniel Solzman: When did you find out that the Cardinals were interested in selecting you?

Jordan DeLorenzo: They had been scouting me all year and I figured that they were one of the heavier teams scouting me. In day two of the draft, I realized that the Cardinals wanted me more than any other team. So then day three, things worked out with them.

Daniel Solzman: What’s the reaction been like on Twitter and social media since the Cardinals drafted you?

Jordan DeLorenzo: Everyone has been congratulating me and some new followers are beginning to happen.

Daniel Solzman: What did you do during the last week to take your mind off the draft?

Jordan DeLorenzo: Just relaxed at home and hungout with the family.

Daniel Solzman: How has West Florida coach Mike Jeffcoat helped in preparing you for the next level?

Jordan DeLorenzo: They were preparing me mentally and physically everyday. There is never a day off with Coach Jeffcoat. He will grind you constantly.

Daniel Solzman: Amongst your many accolades following the 2014 season, how honored were you to have been named by the National College Baseball Writers of America as the Division 2 National Pitcher of the Year?

Jordan DeLorenzo: That was a crazy feeling seeing that I won that award this year. I worked hard all year and in the end it showed, which is always a good feeling.

Daniel Solzman: Seeing how the Cardinals have developed pitchers over the last few seasons, are you looking forward to working with the coaches and veterans during Spring Training next year?

Jordan DeLorenzo: I can’t wait to begin the season and start learning things from players and coaches and start improving and becoming even better.

Daniel Solzman: The Cardinal Hall of Famers always make a visit in Jupiter during Spring Training. Is there anyone in particular that you are really looking forward to meeting?

Jordan DeLorenzo: If I could meet any of those guys then that would be a pleasure. Pick their brain a little bit and talk to them.

Daniel Solzman: What’s something that you like to do for fun when you aren’t playing baseball?

Jordan DeLorenzo: I enjoy golfing and going to the beach.

Daniel Solzman: Who was your favorite player growing up?

Jordan DeLorenzo: Even though I’m not a position player I’ve always enjoyed watching Derek Jeter play.

Daniel Solzman: Thanks again for joining us and best of luck as your make your way up through the organization. Any words for the best fans in baseball?

Jordan DeLorenzo: Thank you and I am excited for this opportunity and journey.

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