Cardinals draft pick Bryan Dobzanski talks to Redbird Rants


Pitcher Bryan Dobzanski, a 29th round selection by the St. Louis Cardinals out of Delsea Regional HS, spoke to Redbird Rants on Wednesday.

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Daniel Solzman: Thanks for joining Redbird Rants today. How are things treating you as you up in New Jersey?

Bryan Dobzanski: No problem. I’m doing fine up in Jersey, just working out and improving myself day by day until I have to leave to be a Cardinal, whichever organization that may be.

Daniel Solzman: Can you describe what it felt like when you found out that Cardinals were selecting you in the 29th round of the draft?

Bryan Dobzanski: It was pretty much out of no where so it was a surprise. It’s cool to hear your name in the draft so it was a special time for me.

Daniel Solzman: When did you find out that the Cardinals were interested in selecting you?

Bryan Dobzanski: I found out the Cardianls were interested in me when they invited me to come to a workout before the draft.

Daniel Solzman: What’s the reaction been like on Twitter and social media since the Cardinals drafted you?

Bryan Dobzanski: Twitter and social media are a big part of today’s society, so when news breaks out about a special event like being drafted, you have a good amount of friends and fans follow you and congratulate you over social networks.

Daniel Solzman: With being a 29th round pick, you have the option of signing or following through on your commitment to the University of Louisville, which is making their third-ever and second consecutive College World Series appearance this week. The St. Louis Cardinals are a pitching-rich organization from top to bottom. Is this something that will factor into whatever you ultimately decide to do?

Bryan Dobzanski: Louisville has been one of the best programs in college baseball the past two years and they are growing. It would be a great experience to develop in a program like Louisville and hopefully help them get to the CWS again next year with me on the mound. St. Louis Cardinals have one of if not the best pitching staffs in Major League Baseball so I know for a fact I would grow in their program. If I do go to college, I hope the Cardinals select me again in three years because it’s definitely a program I want to be in as a pitcher.

Daniel Solzman: Louisville closer Nick Burdi was drafted out of high school in the 24th round by the Minnesota Twins and just last Thursday, he was selected by the Twins in the second round. With the success Louisville has had lately and 48 players drafted during the Dan McDonnell era, is the opportunity of playing in the College World Series while earning a degree something that weighs highly in your mind?

Bryan Dobzanski: These statistics are very heavy on my mind. What Burdi did is exactly what I would be trying to do if I went to college. Go from a late round to a top round draft pick. Going to Louisville under a great coaching staff and earning a degree are huge factors in deciding what I will do about my upcoming future.

Daniel Solzman: How has Delsea Regional coach Tom Carrney helped in preparing you for the next level, whether it’s college or professional baseball?

Bryan Dobzanski: Tom Carney was a great coach to play for. He was so competitive and just wanted to win, which is exactly how I am. He starts young travel teams and develops them for when they get to high school also. He just loves the game.

Daniel Solzman: What’s something that you like to do for fun when you aren’t playing baseball?

Bryan Dobzanski: When I’m not playing baseball, I’m usually fishing, golfing, or shooting hoops with friends.

Daniel Solzman: Who was your favorite player growing up?

Bryan Dobzanski: My favorite player growing up would probably be Chase Utley. He plays the game hard, doesn’t say much, and he’s been a standout veteran for my home team the Philadelphia Phillies.

Daniel Solzman: What is something that Cardinals fans should know about you?

Bryan Dobzanski: I’m a competitor in everything I do. From baseball to a friendly game of darts, I will do everything I can to win. Also I’ve been a multi-sport athlete all my life including soccer, football, and wrestling. Wrestling I was a 2x State Champion.

Daniel Solzman: Thanks again for joining us and best of luck as your make your decision. Any words for the best fans in baseball?

Bryan Dobzanski: No problem and thank you. All I have to say is that if I am a Louisville Cardinal for the next three years, I hope to be a St. Louis Cardinal after the 2017 draft.