Matheny Loves Boggs

May 30, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Cardinals relief pitcher Mitchell Boggs (41) is removed from the game by manager Mike Matheny (22) after giving up a game tying solo home run to Kansas City Royals right fielder Jeff Francoeur (not pictured) during the ninth inning at Busch Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight Michael Wacha showed the world that he is not overhyped, and Mike Matheny showed that he thinks the world of Mitchell Boggs.

2013 has proven that Mike Matheny is awfully powerful.  In fact he is so mighty that he can dramatically change a game, especially for the worse.  Sure the Cards are thriving in this young season, but the Saint Louis Skipper has botched it again.  Hopefully tonight’s boos that showered Busch were directed towards Mike Matheny, and not just Mitchell Boggs.

The brief nightmarish history goes like this:

Matheny showed Bearded Boggs a ton of faith in April, and got fooled with two blown saves and wrecked his confidence.

Then, Goatee Boggs showed signs of not recovering in both Memphis (blew a save for Wacha) and  St. Louis in May (recent dinger).

However, Matheny brilliantly thought that tonight, May 30th, with Seth Maness pitching well and proven arms in the bullpen, that short haired Mitchell Boggs was ready to save a one run lead in the ninth inning with Jeff Francour leading off.

That is more faith than something offensive.

All it took were a few pitches and then, CRACK!  It happened, again.  It was like watching Wile E Coyote in the desert.

Managers are supposed to put players in the position to help their team, not hurt it.  Tonight the Birdinals got hosed by their own manager, and then, the Cardinals Nation’s tears brought thunder and water to stop the inferno.

No matter the outcome of Thursdays game, Mike Matheny should have this lesson tattooed in his cranium,  Mitchell Boggs is NOT clutch.  Yes, he was an 8th inning guy in 2012 who recently got sleeted to the national team, but that is pre-historic history.  Believe the numbers, like a 10 plus ERA and believe the boos MM.

No, this is not the transcript of a recently recorded conversation at Mike Shannon‘s across the street from Busch Stadium.