Redbird Rants Recap: 2/12/12 – 2/18/12


Rejoice! Pitchers and catchers have landed in Jupiter, Fl! Within a week the rest of the team will report and by next weekend the full squad workouts will commence. Two weeks from tomorrow is the first spring training game. The long winter is being shown the back door. Our work will begin to center on what is happening not what we hope or think will happen. Our speculation turns into examination, which of course will bring more speculation. We want to thank our readers for sticking with us during the offseason and promise to continue to deliver quality content as the season progresses. Now let’s take a look back at the previous week’s work on Redbird Rants.

I wrote about the Cardinals’ decision to replace icons with less prominent figures, Jake Westbrook‘s performance value and Mike Matheny‘s no nonsense attitude.

Jason Evans gave us his Five Questions for Spring Training.

Chris Ferguson reached back 30 years with some coverage on Ozzie Smith. He also discussed the return of several Cardinals in new positions this spring.

Justin McClary continued his review of Cardinals’ prospects, this week we had center field and right field.

Dennis McHawes asked if there are too many IF’s surrounding the Cardinals. He also racked our brains with his weekly Who am I? Name that Cardinal piece.

Daniel Solzman got us going last Sunday with some spring training notes and professed his happiness with the return of former Cardinals’ players as coaches for spring training.

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