Where Has This Colby Rasmus Been?


Colby Rasmus has long been heralded as the next great hope in the Cardinals outfield. Some have even gone as far to say he could possibly be the best center fielder in the league if only he could get the backing and support he needs to grow into his role.

We are all aware he has had controversy with manager Tony La Russa since arriving in St. Louis, but that all now looks to be clearing up, in the public eye at least. Reports claim he ignored Tony La Russa in the past under the discretion of his father, saying he didn’t have to listen to what he was being told. Like a little league situation gone awry, Tony has had a habit of sitting his star fielder in the past and at times has only brought him in as a pinch hitter when he is clearly incredibly talented and deserving of the everyday role.

His father is apparently still at it. All of the constant scrutiny that befalls the situation from the behavior of his father towards the organization even led Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post Dispatch to comment on whether or not Colby should be traded. Obviously there is no love lost with the situation, but the fact remains Colby can still be a dominant force within the organization and quickly has become a fan favorite.

2009 was his rookie season and he appeared in 147 games batting .251 with 119 hits, 16 HRs, and 52 RBIs in 474 ABs. 2010 he really started to pick up the pace, in 144 games he hit .276 with 128 hits, 23 HRs, and 66 RBIs in 464 ABs. His glove has never been in question, but his power numbers began to look a little worrisome until these last few games in which he hit 3 HRs in the last 4 games, leading to 9 on the season.

For as much of a fan base he began to compile, people were starting to turn on him a little based on the constant back and forth his father is said to have with the organization. That along with his numbers not being as impressive as the very high standards our fans tend to put out. We all knew going in this year Tony was going to try and make him more the everyday man in center and he more or less just kind of sank into the lineup and everyone felt like his production was minimal.

Colby is himself just an enigma. That has been the most common phrase I have heard coming out of the Cardinal fans and I am not exactly one to disagree. He doesn’t say much and is constantly now scrutinized on behalf of his number and fathers interactions mainly. He is held to a higher standard based on these and his ability, the fans just expect more of him.

It is not exactly a desirable situation and I do not envy him at all. Hopefully what is in the past can be the past. I hate how much grief this guy is constantly given and I would hate to lose him as a result. I think he will one day grow into a fantastic player and we need to keep treating him as the raw talent he is, harness that skill, and utilize him to the best of his ability going forward.

I truly hope this can be a turning point on his season and I would love nothing more than for this guy to catch fire even more than he already has. We are looking for another star to step up through the Albert Pujols injury and it looks like he is beginning to shine through.