Dodgers 2 – Cardinals 1


Complete Recap

Ryan Franklin….REALLY?!?!

A relatively slow game that mainly came down to pitching only really became exciting come the 9th inning. The Cardinals were finally threatening, Matt Holliday hit a double to end his day at 3 for 3 with two outs. Broxton did not even want to try Lance Berkman since he has hit 6 HRs this week, so they opted for an intentional walk. They figure two outs, what’s the worst that could happen.

David Freese happened. He hit a single by Ethier in right field in what was sure to be the game winning run of the game.

The Cardinals go to the 9th and entrust the mound to Trever Miller. His first batter faced was a double to Andre Ethier. It was looking bad, but nothing that we couldn’t handle.

Tony comes to the mound and gives the ball to *gulp* Ryan Franklin. Ryan has already blown three save appearances thus far and has recently become the guy Cardinal fans do not want to see get the ball.

….Today was no different. I figured even if he gave up one run no big deal, it’s hard to come into the game with no outs and a guy on second, I figured at most he would give up the tying run.

BOOOMMM!! Matt Kemp, game winning walk off two run HR…..Ryan Franklin….ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

All in all, the Cardinals now go home at a .500 record, MUCH better than they left. Obviously there is now a big question mark in the closer role however. Hopefully we have answers in their somewhere, it’s become very apparent it should not, could not, WILL not be Ryan Franklin going forward.