Yadier Molina: "Something is cooking" in regards to coaching for the Cardinals

According to Yadier Molina, it's very likely we see him in the St. Louis Cardinals' dugout in 2024
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The potential of Yadier Molina returning to the St. Louis Cardinals as a coach felt more like a fantasy than a true reality among Cardinals' fans until recent weeks, when reports began to surface that Molina was interested in joining the Cardinals coaching staff.

Last week, Molina made some public comments indicating that he hoped that something would work out in regards to him joining the Cardinals in some kind of coaching or front-office capacity, but now a recent interview makes this move seem even more likely.

In an interview with WKAQ 580. Molina said he thinks something is cooking with St. Louis and that "there is a 90 percent chance that it happens". It really seems like Molina is confident that he and the Cardinals brass can come to an agreement on a deal soon.

It goes without saying how impactful of a move this could be for the morale of Cardinals fans, the clubhouse, the coaching staff, and the entire front office. Molina is beloved by all of Cardinal Nation, and his giftings as a player will help him be an incredible coach for years to come. The Cardinals need his fire in the dugout, his dedication, and attention to detail in game prep, and his high baseball IQ to maximize their talent on a daily basis.


Molina indicated that Miami and St. Louis both reached out to him last year with some kind of offer, so it's clear that he is destined for a role on a Major League club in the near future. Now that talks have become this serious, I just do not see how the Cardinals let this fall through. I expect Molina to be in the Cardinals dugout, likely as a bench coach, during the 2024 season, and he'll immediately be someone that fans begin to advocate for as the next manager of the St. Louis Cardinals.