Will the St. Louis Cardinals trade for another starting pitcher?

The Cardinals have added three starters to their rotation. However, rumors indicate that they may be looking to add one more.
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After adding Sonny Gray, Lance Lynn, and Kyle Gibson to their starting rotation, the Cardinals figure to be done adding starters. Now, it seems likely that the next move they make will be geared toward strengthening their bullpen, which was as much of a problem as the rotation was in 2023.

Ken Rosenthal had reported (subscription required) that the Cardinals remained interested in Dylan Cease, even after adding three starters. My hope is that this report is true and the Cardinals do make an attempt to add one more frontline starter.

But will it actually get done, or are the Cardinals done adding starting pitching?

In order to be a true World Series contender like they once were, the Cardinals will need to add another frontline guy to bolster their rotation. They would essentially be following the blueprint of the Rangers from last offseason.

That's what needs to happen. As of right now, the Cardinals are not a World Series contender, and I would say that since the bullpen hasn't been addressed yet, they project as an 80-win team.
I hate to be negative, but the Cardinals just aren't quite there yet.

But what would get them there as another addition to the rotation such as Cease, Shane Bieber, or Logan Gilbert? Rosenthal is obviously a reliable source, so it's very likely that the Cardinals are at least monitoring the trade market for starters.

In this piece, we will discuss whether or not the Cardinals will ultimately add one more starting pitcher.