Why isn't Masyn Winn playing - and 5 other roster questions facing the Cardinals

Even after trading away players from their big league roster, their is still talent in Memphis that are not getting the opportunites they deserve in St. Louis. How will the Cardinals handle these situations?
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And who will be forced out?

In order for the Cardinals to add players, they will have to subtract some. First, players on expiring contracts will open up some vacancies. This likely includes Adam Wainwright and Drew VerHagen. After them, Taylor Motter is probably the first player out. He has already passed through waivers before, and even if he was claimed, the Cardinals wouldn't be losing out on a young player. Motter is already 33 and is a fairly known quantity.

The next player to be removed from the roster would probably be James Naile. Like Motter, Naile has already been DFA'd once this year, though it was prior to the season. He is unlikely to be claimed, as he has struggled in his limited opportunities this season. By my count, this is an easy four spots that the Cardinals could free up.

Other players the Cardinals could consider moving on from include José Fermín, Connor Thomas, and Guillermo Zuñigo. None of these players have impressed in 2023, though each has shown some upside in the past. There's a group of young pitchers such as Leahy or Suárez that the Cardinals may pass on, but these players are probably too young for the organization to give up on them. They have significantly more potential than the players listed earlier and are long shots to lose their roster spots.


It's also possible that the Cardinals could move on from players via trades. Juan Yepez, Moisés Gómez, and Luken Baker have all been mentioned as trade pieces. They're blocked by other players and will have difficulty reaching the major league level, though each of them could contribute in meaningful ways on other rosters. Unfortunately, this offseason will be full of difficult decisions. It is likely that the roster will look significantly different for the 2024 season. Many familiar faces are already gone, and that process will only continue over the next 8 months.

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