Why isn't Masyn Winn playing - and 5 other roster questions facing the Cardinals

Even after trading away players from their big league roster, their is still talent in Memphis that are not getting the opportunites they deserve in St. Louis. How will the Cardinals handle these situations?

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What is Taylor Motter doing in the lineup?

Taylor Motter has spent a significant portion of the season on the active roster. Throughout the first half, he received very little attention aside from the time he replaced Jordan Walker. He didn't play more than once a week, and when he did he was usually pinch-hitting. However, in July and August, Motter has been sneaking into the lineup on a regular basis.

This is, and I cannot put it any other way, completely and absolutely baffling. Motter, at age 33, isn't an exciting young player. He's not an unknown quantity. He also isn't a particularly valuable player. Motter's career average is .189. He has just 10 home runs in his career, and he isn't a plus defender at any of the positions he plays.

Why Taylor Motter is receiving playing time and why he's on the 40-man roster are two different questions. Marmol, the manager, writes Motter's name on the lineup card. For Marmol, Motter can often seem like the best option left. Donovan has been shut down, and DeJong was traded. Marmol has shown a tendency to platoon certain players and is hesitant to let Carlson hit righties. He also tries to keep Edman out of the lineup against right-handers. Motter has, to his credit, shown more power than José Fermín, which can sometimes justify his inclusion from the manager's perspective.

Motter's inclusion on the active roster, and the 40-man roster, is less justified. Motter could easily be DFA'd. He went through that process earlier this season and was not claimed. Waiting in AAA is Richie Palacios, a player with similar defensive flexibility but a much more interesting offensive profile. Palacios is also on the 40-man roster, so he could easily be swapped with Motter. There are also other players who aren't part of the 40-man roster, such as Nick Dunn. Dunn, like Palacios, is much more interesting than Motter. He lacks defensive flexibility but has much more offensive potential.

Perhaps the Cardinals are evaluating their options and will make some changes to the roster shortly. However, there is no reason to wait. The Front Office should absolutely be addressing the issues in both the active roster and the 40-man roster.