Who are the last 5 Cardinals with over 30 home runs in a season?

The Cardinals have had many home run hitters over the years.
Paul Goldschmidt, St. Louis Cardinals
Paul Goldschmidt, St. Louis Cardinals / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages
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3. Tyler O'Neill - 34 home runs in 2021

The Cardinals would love to have Tyler O'Neill return to his 2021 form.

During the season, O'Neill hit .286/.352/.560 with an OPS of .912. He knocked 26 doubles, two triples, 34 home runs, 89 runs scored, and 80 RBI. He had 15 stolen bases. O'Neill also won his second consecutive Gold Glove for left field that season.

Since then, he's still with a string of injuries to his back and arms. He even took this past offseason to retool his workout routine to implement more running and plyometrics. Earlier this season, Cardinals manager Oli Marmol publicly criticized O'Neill for a perceived lack of hustle. While O'Neill would have instead dealt with that issue privately, it didn't become a sour point as O'Neill did end up on the injured list for a back issue for a couple of months.

Now that he's back, he is showing some improvements. He is hitting .243/.328/.420 with an OPS of .748. O'Neill has 11 doubles, seven home runs, 23 runs scored, and 16 RBI. Seeing his Gold Glove-winning skills back in left field has also been excellent.

O'Neill is a fun player to watch. Hopefully, he has a healthy and productive offseason and can regain some of that 2021 form for the Cardinals.