Who are the last 5 Cardinals to play every game in a full season?

Playing in every single game of a major league season is one of the rarest feats a player can ever accomplish.
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Don Blasingame, 1957

A name I would not expect a whole lot of Cardinal fans to remember or recognize, regardless he appeared in all 154 games the Cardinals played in the 1957 campaign.

Blasingame was a smooth and steady defensive player and a hitter who was just trying to put the ball in play and use his speed. He took the reigns of being the Cardinals' second basemen after Red Schoendienst was traded to the Giants in 1956. 1957 was his first full season as an everyday player and he literally played every day that year.

It happened to be his best offensive season by a fairly wide margin, hitting 8 home runs and driving in 58, two numbers that Blasingame never really came close to again, and he had a career-high 21 stolen bases. In 1958 he was a reserve on the National League All-Star team, then was traded to the Giants one year later. In Blasingames career he was never known for his offensive prowess or being a star-studded player, but he was a gamer, as he surpassed over 140 games played in a season six times in his career, 4 of those years in St. Louis.