Who are the last 5 Cardinals to play every game in a full season?

Playing in every single game of a major league season is one of the rarest feats a player can ever accomplish.
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Curt Flood, 1964

Flood was alongside Boyer as the two players who did not miss a game on the Cardinals '64 championship team. Flood manned center field for 12 seasons in St. Louis after acquiring him from the Reds when he was just a teenager, the first trade completed by then General Manager Bing Devine.

More known for his defense, Flood had a great season at the plate in 1964, with a career-high .311 batting average, where he also saw himself lead all of baseball in hits with 211 and he was an All-Star for the first time in his career.

His impact off the field fighting the Reserve Clause and helping create what would become free agency in sports may gain more attention now than his playing career, but Flood was a player that the Cardinals were able to rely on for his bat and glove for just about every game for over a decade.