Who are the last 5 Cardinals to play every game in a full season?

Playing in every single game of a major league season is one of the rarest feats a player can ever accomplish.
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Ken Boyer, 1964

It has been almost 60 years since a Cardinal player played in 162 of 162 games, it really shows how much the game has changed. But the '64 season was arguably the best of Boyer's great career wearing the Birds on the Bat.

1964 was Boyer's 10th season in St.Louis, and that year he slashed .295/.365/.489 with 24 home runs, a league-leading 119 RBI, and he won the National League MVP. '64 was also his 7th and final All-Star season, and the year he won his only World Series as a player, beating his brother Clete in the '64 Fall Classic against the Yankees.

Boyer would go on to play one more season with the Cardinals before bouncing around to multiple teams in the final years of his career, but he will forever be known for his time as a Cardinal. One attribute was his durability, as in his 11 seasons in St. Louis, the most games he ever missed in a single season was just 11.