What the St. Louis Cardinals need to do before next year

If the St. Louis Cardinals truly want to be competitive next year, then why aren’t they making changes and getting prepared

Washington Nationals v St. Louis Cardinals - Game Two
Washington Nationals v St. Louis Cardinals - Game Two / Joe Puetz/GettyImages
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This leaves me with four bench spots. My perfect construction would be a lefty and a righty power hitter and two players that play multiple positions.

Brendon Donovan (L) (1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, RF)is a no-brainer. He has played every position except center and catcher. He is a left-handed bat that hits home runs and has the second-best batting average on the team just behind Nolan Arenado.

Alec Burleson (L) (1B, LF, RF, DH) Another good player that we can use in multiple positions, and all he does is keep on hitting.

Luken Baker (R) (1B/DH) With Goldschmidt possibly being gone after next year I think we really need to look at this guy. He is hitting .334 with 28 home runs already. He is a first baseman that we could also use as the DH if we can find a way to unload Contreras. Either way, he looks ready for a promotion.

Dylan Carlson - (S) (LF, RF, CF) I keep Carlson because he is a good outfielder and a switch hitter. I would like this to be another infielder but with Edman able to do that I think this makes the most sense.

Gone from the roster would be Tyler O’Neill, Tyler Motter, and Jose Fermin making room for Winn, Herrera, and Baker.


Here is how it looks:

C: Hererra, Knizner, Contreras
1B: Goldschmidt, Baker, Burleson, Donovan
2B: Gorman, Edman, Donovan
3B: Arenado, Gorman, Donovan
SS: Winn, Edman, Donovan

LF: Nootbaar, Donovan, Burleson, Carlson
CF: Edman, Carlson, Nootbaar
RF: Walker, Carlson, Donovan, Burleson

DH: Contreras, Baker, Burleson, Contreras, Baker

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