What the St. Louis Cardinals need to do before next year

If the St. Louis Cardinals truly want to be competitive next year, then why aren’t they making changes and getting prepared
Washington Nationals v St. Louis Cardinals - Game Two
Washington Nationals v St. Louis Cardinals - Game Two / Joe Puetz/GettyImages
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I am still old-school when it comes to constructing a roster. Great defense up the middle, power on the corners, and speed where I can get it. Winn sounds like he will be elite at shortstop. With Gorman being average at second, I want better defense at catcher and center field. With that as my goal I bring back Ivan Herrera and see what I have. I let him start most games until the end of the year.

During his last stint here he received great praise from management for his game management and defense. That is certainly a lot more than we heard about Contreras this year. Oh and by the way, the kid can hit. In the minors this year with 254 ABs he has a .302 batting average and .970 OPS.

If they find out by playing him that they have the catcher of the future I keep Knizner as the backup and trade Contreras if possible. If not, Contreras needs to get used to becoming our DH now and that wouldn't be all bad.