What happened to the 5 free agent shortstops of 2021?

The Free Agent Shortstop class of 2021 was supposed to be the deepest at one particular position since 1976. Did the Cardinals miss out on this opportunity?

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How have the Cardinal shortstops compared since 2021?

With Paul Dejong's struggles at the plate in 2022 it became more of a shortstop by committee with Tommy Edman logging 80 games at the position, Paul Dejong logging 75 games, and Edmundo Sosa logging in 34 games at short.

Defensively, the Cardinals weren't hurt at all with Tommy Edman or Paul Dejong. Edman had an OAA of 11, which was fourth among shortstops in baseball. Paul Dejong had an OAA of 5, which put him at 14th in baseball. Edmundo Sosa had an OAA of 4 while playing short.

However, the only effective offensive shortstop the Cardinals had in 2022, was Edman. His slash line was .265/.324/.400 with an OPS+ of 106, and a WAR of 6.3.

In 2023, Paul DeJong has returned to being the primary shortstop. He has at his point played 75 games at the position, and is maintaining an OAA of 6, which is 7th among shortstops in baseball. He currently shows a slash line of .238/.303/.433 with an OPS+ of 98, and a WAR of 1.1.