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Cardinals fans can watch their favorite prospects play in the Spring Breakout right here at Redbird Rants.

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Coming off a disaster of a 2023 season, St. Louis Cardinals fans are very much looking forward to putting last year in the rearview mirror and the team getting back to competing in 2024. However, with the recent news that Sonny Gray hurt his hamstring, it was a reminder that having depth in the minor leagues is very, very important.

Normally, Cardinals fans would have to enjoy the brief glimpses of prospects in spring training and then wait for the start of the minor league season to get their prospect fixes. For the more casual fan, they probably wouldn't even see any minor leaguers play until the Futures Game. However, MLB decided to try and shine more of a light on teams' prospects this year with the creation of a series called the Spring Breakout, which will take place in the middle of March and will showcase gaggles of prospects from each organization pitted against one another.

How can Cardinals fans watch their Spring Breakout match-up against the Marlins' prospects? Well, it just so happens that you can stream it for free right here at Redbird Rants.

How to Watch MLB Spring Breakout: What to expect from Cardinals vs. Marlins

The premise of the Spring Breakout series is very simple. Each organization is being tasked with creating a roster of prospects, with an emphasis on guys who are Top 30 Cardinals prospects, to play in an exhibition game. For the Cardinals, that means a matchup with the Marlins' minor leaguers, which will take place on Friday, March 15 at 2:05 PM EST/1:05 PM EST. Rosters were announced on March 7 to give fans plenty of time to get excited.

In terms of the actual exhibition, there are going to be some key differences in how it goes down. All of the games will only be seven innings long and extra innings will not be allowed, so expect to see a few ties among the 16 games being played between March 14-17. The automated strike zone that has been in use down in the minor leagues will also be used during the Spring Breakout games, and pitchers can re-enter games after being pulled (not unlike the rules during spring training). As for how to watch the game, Cardinals fans can use ESPN+ or MLB Network, but the easier (and better) way to watch is to stream the game right here on this page, as Redbird Rants has been afforded the opportunity to stream the Spring Breakout for our readers.

The opportunity to provide live coverage of the Spring Breakout would not be possible without the support of STN who recently became a part of the Minute Media family. All the thanks in the world to STN for helping us grow our Cardinals coverage and take it to even greater heights in 2024 and beyond. Make sure you bookmark this page and as we get closer to the event itself; there will be a video player embedded where fans can watch the game.