Under the radar starting pitchers that could be targets for the St. Louis Cardinals

Kansas City Royals v St Louis Cardinals - Game One
Kansas City Royals v St Louis Cardinals - Game One / Scott Kane/GettyImages
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Despite recent success from the Cardinals, starting pitching is still going to need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

When the trade deadline comes around, over the past several seasons it seems to be the same story for the Cardinals, they need starting pitching. We saw Jordan Montgomery and Jose Quintana come to St. Louis at the deadline last season, Jon Lester and J.A. Happ the year before that, and the last 2 World Series-winning Cardinal teams acquired a starting pitcher at the deadline (Jeff Weaver in '06, and Edwin Jackson in '11)

It's almost a sure thing the Cardinals will be active in the starters market in 2023, and there could be lots of options available. What John Mozeliak and the front office are frequent of doing is acquiring a player that flies under a lot of radars but in the end, makes a lot of sense for the team. Rarely do they go after the big fish, but instead they find a player that won't have the same number of bidders, is not as high in demand, but can be just as effective as we saw last season with Montgomery and Quintana.

While the names on this list may not be flash, they may be good alternatives for the Cardinals if they want to avoid giving up a haul for the few, if any, aces that will be available in July.

It's hard to tell if every player seen as trade candidates are available or will be available, but you can always make predictions. There are a few starting pitchers that could be a great fit for the Cardinals that fall under the radar.