Tyler Glasnow vs. Shane Bieber: Who makes more sense for the Cardinals?

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The verdict

Both Glasnow and Bieber would be good fits for the Cardinals. But which one makes the most sense?

To me, it's Bieber. I know he struggled with injuries this year, but he still has a ton of upside, and he's been able to stay healthy during his career. He's a strikeout machine when he's right and also has a few accolades to his name.

This is not to say that Glasnow wouldn't be a good fit, but he is two years older than Bieber and has struggled with various injuries, more so than Bieber has. And to me, this is what makes Bieber a better fit.

It would certainly be risky, as the Cardinals would have to give up a lot for a guy on an expiring contract, but it certainly would help to have his experience in the rotation in 2024 and potentially even beyond.

Again, it'll be a matter of whether or not the Cardinals can ultimately give him a contract extension. It worked with Paul Goldschmidt. They were also able to keep Matt Holliday around after they picked him up in 2009, so it is possible.


But I personally feel like Bieber has much more to offer the Cardinals than Glasnow does. He has been an ace, and he has been better able to stay healthy. This would also leave room for the Cardinals to sign someone like Aaron Nola or Sonny Gray to complement him in the rotation.