Tyler Glasnow vs. Shane Bieber: Who makes more sense for the Cardinals?

Baltimore Orioles v Cleveland Guardians
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Shane Bieber

Now let's have a look at Shane Bieber. He too struggled with injuries this year.

Still, Bieber has plenty of upside, just like Glasnow. He's a big strikeout pitcher and he averaged 7.5 per game this year. That was a step down from the past several years, but it's still a pretty good mark.

He's only 28 as well, so he's got some good years left in him for sure. In addition, he's won a Cy Young, a Gold Glove, and has been an All-Star twice. The accolades are certainly prevalent for Bieber.

Like Glasnow, he'll command a hefty return. An important thing to also note is the fact that he will be on an expiring contract, so that's something the Cardinals will have to be mindful of.

Injuries are always a factor as well, and what Bieber went through this year with his shoulder can't simply be swept under the rug. But at 28, he's still got plenty of years left in him, and this was really the first season where he didn't post ace-caliber numbers.

In all the years leading up to 2023, Bieber was the true ace of the Guardians staff, and adding a guy with a Cy Young Award to your rotation certainly can't hurt, especially since the Cardinals are so desperate for pitching.

It might be better for the Cardinals to look for more controllable options, but they had success when they acquired Paul Goldschmidt and managed to extend him a few months later, so an extension could be had.