Tyler Glasnow vs. Shane Bieber: Who makes more sense for the Cardinals?

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Tyler Glasnow

We'll start with Glasnow. Even with him already being 30 years old, he's a guy that possesses a ton of upside. We already mentioned how he's a big strikeout guy and that he averaged over 12 punchouts per game this season, but he also doesn't walk many batters, averaging just 2.8 per game.

The Rays pulled off an absolute heist when they traded for him in 2018. They gave up Chris Archer to acquire him from the Pirates and let's just say that deal didn't work out great for Pittsburgh, who also gave up Austin Meadows.

That is one thing the Cardinals should be mindful of. It always seems that whenever teams trade with the Rays, they get the short end of the stick. The Cardinals can attest to this, having made the Randy Arozarena trade.

But on the surface, Glasnow would be a great addition to the Cardinals staff. He has what it takes to be a true ace of any starting staff, and right now, he's that guy for the Rays with Shane McClanahan out.

Still, there are some red flags to be aware of. Glasnow has struggled mightily when it comes to injuries. He missed significant time this year, only pitched two games last year, and was limited to 14 starts in 2021. The Cardinals would also have to give up a lot to get him.

However, if he can remain healthy, he could be the ace the Cardinals need.