Top 5 moments of Adam Wainwright's Cardinals career

We are all aware that Adam Wainwright will be retiring at the end of the season. Let's look back on some of the top moments of Waino's career.
St. Louis Cardinals v Baltimore Orioles
St. Louis Cardinals v Baltimore Orioles / Patrick Smith/GettyImages
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It's sad to think about, but Adam Wainwright's legendary career with the St. Louis Cardinals is ending in less than a week. #50. Uncle Charlie. Waino. Whatever you call him, he has been a mainstay with St. Louis for nearly 20 seasons (18 to be precise). Wainwright officially made his debut in 2005 as a baby face reliever and is calling it quits here at the end of 2023 as a franchise legend.

Though this season hasn't been the greatest for Waino, he was still able to notch that elusive victory #200 and become just the third St. Louis Cardinal of all-time with 200+ wins. After the game on Monday, Wainwright said that this was one of the best moments of his career, and he's had a lot of moments. So I wanted to take a moment of your time, dig in, and look back at some of the top moments of Adam Wainwright's career.

*Honorary* Win #200 - 09/18/2023

We'll start off with an honorable mention. More of a milestone than an actual moment, but it sure felt good in the moment. Win #200.

For all of 2023, it was pretty obvious the big milestone for Adam Wainwright was to notch career win #200. There was some early optimism that he may knock that door down early on and try to chase down Jessie Haines for second all-time at 210, but early season injuries mirrored with struggles brought those expectations back down to earth. In fact, most of the season has been a struggle for Wainwright. A historical struggle. He endured a wallop in the U.K. on an international stage. A beating in Houston, we don't talk about. And, a career-worst 1 inning performance against the lowly Kansas City Royals where he looked, plainly, awful. It was 11 starts between win 198 against the Mets and win #199 against the Orioles in Baltimore. Man did he earn it.

That brought him home at Busch to face the Brewers and get his chance for #200. Wainwright admitted that in his Warm-up, he didn't feel he had his best stuff but that he was going to leave it all out on the line for the chance. Boy did he. As if he owned a time machine Wainwright turned back the clock for this September night and pitched a masterpiece. The only time all season he didn't allow a single run, Wainwright worked wonderfully through 7 strong innings allowing only 4 hits, and got the run support he needed, 1, on a Wilson Contreras solo homerun to earn win #200.

He did it in vintage Wainwright fashion, getting double-play balls and working out of jams. Getting a key strike out here or a clutch fly out there. It was an oasis for the soon-to-be-retired veteran in what has been such a tough season for him, and the Cardinals in 2023. For one last time, Wainwright was the ace and that was a beautiful moment to watch.