Tier ranking the St. Louis Cardinals' players and prospects for the trade deadline

Here is how the Cardinals' players and prospects should be grouped together when it comes to value
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On the trade block

Tyler O'Neill, Jack Flaherty, Drew VerHagen, Chris Stratton, Steven Matz, Oscar Mercado, Dakota Hudson

These players are guys I fully expect the Cardinals to move on from this deadline, or that they would be more than willing to part with if they can.

Unfair or not, Tyler O'Neill just looks like a player who is on his way out the door for St. Louis. Again, I really like him as a player and I bet he bounces back for another club, but I just do not see him having a future with the Cardinals. For as bad as this past calendar year has gone for him, there will still be teams out there who want to tap into his potential.

Jack Flaherty is the guy I think the Cardinals will be very open to moving at the deadline in a similar kind of scenario that I talked about with Montgomery. If the Cardinals are in contention, I think they'd rather move Flaherty for a package and let Montgomery walk on a qualifying offer in free agency. Again, with how desperate teams are for pitching, you are going to see a lot of interest in Flaherty.

Drew VerHagen and Chris Stratton are guys who could be moved if a contender is looking for bullpen depth this deadline, and I think it's a real possibility. I doubt teams will be calling on Oscar Mercado or Dakota Hudson, but I think the Cardinals would be very open to offers.


Steven Matz is someone they'd love to move on from, similar in the vein of Mike Leake from seasons ago, so if a team is willing to take a flyer and the Cardinals will send some cash, I'm sure a deal could be made.

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