Three things to find joy in for the remainder of the Cardinals season

This season has been awful for the Cardinals, but there are still reasons to find joy in the remainder of the season
St. Louis Cardinals v Atlanta Braves
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The development of Jordan Walker

Though 2023 hasn't exactly been a fun season, it certainly has been fun to watch Jordan Walker develop.

Originally drafted as a third baseman, Walker had to learn a new position on the fly, and there's no doubt that there were some growing pains along the way.

But even in the midst of some of his defensive struggles, he had his bat going to compensate. Walker began his career with a bang, picking up hits in each of his first 12 games. He was sent down at the end of April, but came back in June and picked up right where he left off, going on a 17-game hit streak.

And as time goes on, Walker is very clearly making improvements in the outfield. Sure, there are still going to be some kinks to work out, but he's got a plus arm that he has shown off on numerous occasions, and he's even made some very impressive diving plays.

The sky is the limit for a young star such as Walker. He's got a ton of power and is evolving into one of the most well-rounded young hitters in the game, while also making some key improvements on the defensive end.