Three things Cardinal Nation will miss about Adam Wainwright after he retires

Milwaukee Brewers v St. Louis Cardinals
Milwaukee Brewers v St. Louis Cardinals / Joe Puetz/GettyImages
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His competitive spirit

No matter the circumstances, Wainwright always competed like a madman.

Whenever the Cardinals needed to stop a losing skid and get back into the win column, Wainwright was there to play to role of stopper.

In postseason games, he could always be relied on to go deep into the ballgame and give the Cardinals a chance to win. And he never wavered in big moments. He closed out the 2006 NLCS and World Series and became a postseason legend shortly thereafter, helping guide the Cardinals to two more National League Pennants and another World Series title.

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Even with the Cardinals well out of contention this year, he's shown moments of brilliance and has given fans some truly memorable moments, including his 200th win.

Wainwright always thrived under pressure and was never one to shy away from big moments.