Three moves the Cardinals should have made this offseason

Atlanta Braves v Texas Rangers
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Sign Nathan Eovaldi

Okay, so the Cardinals were never going to be in on Justin Verlander, Carlos Rodon, and Jacob deGrom. Fine. If the price tag is too high, then they can go look at other starters. The problem is that they didn't do this. However, there were plenty of other more affordable starters that would have benefitted the team.

Enter Nathan Eovaldi. He signed with the Rangers for two years and $34 million, which is a pretty good get for a starting pitcher. Eovaldi may be more of a second-tier starter on the surface, but he sure is pitching like an ace right now.

In his first nine starts with the Rangers, the veteran right-hander is 5-2 with an ERA of 2.83. He also has struck out 61 batters. We often talk about the Cardinals needing pitchers with strikeout stuff. This is no different. The pitch-to-contact approach the Cardinals are following is long outdated and their use of it goes to show that there is poor communication happening within the organization. More on that later.

Eovaldi is also an experienced postseason pitcher, having helped guide the Red Sox to a World Series title in 2018 and back to the ALCS in 2021.