Three free agents who would be huge mistakes for the Cardinals to sign

The Cardinals need to avoid making bargain moves to strengthen their pitching staff. Here are three free agents that the Cardinals should stay away from.

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2. Frankie Montas

Almost two years later, I still look back at the day the Yankees acquired Frankie Montas from the Athletics and breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the Cardinals didn't try to trade for him, and as such dodged a bullet. John Mozeliak has made his fair share of mistakes. This was not one of them.

The biggest concern for Montas is his health. If he somehow can stay healthy and return to his 2022 form, then he might be a nice under-the-radar pickup. But as I've been saying, the Cardinals need certainty, someone they can rely on to stay healthy and take the ball every fifth day, and I don't think Montas is that guy.

The Yankees gave up a massive haul for him, only for him to get hurt at the end of the 2022 season, barely pitch in the playoffs, and miss almost the entire 2023 season.

At 30, Montas may already be starting to decline, and signing him would simply be a bargain move, with the Cardinals hoping that by some chance, he can discover his old form.

That's not something you can bank on at the moment. While Mozeliak didn't do enough to strengthen the rotation last offseason, injuries also played a role in the Cardinals' collapse. Adding Montas would be taking on a major injury risk. It would hardly be any different from them choosing to bring back Adam Wainwright last year despite obvious signs that age had finally caught up with him.