The St. Louis Cardinals offseason summarized in 7 quotes

In a career-defining offseason for a number of staff members and players, quality quotes abound. These 7 defined the offseason the most.

Feb 19, 2024; Jupiter, FL, USA; St. Louis Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol (37) talks to reporters at
Feb 19, 2024; Jupiter, FL, USA; St. Louis Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol (37) talks to reporters at / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
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"We have to take a huge step." - Nolan Arenado

There's no way around it; the 2023 St. Louis Cardinals season was a disappointment on virtually every front. The team's final record placed them in last in a bad division, the defensive performances were not something fans were familiar with seeing, the rotation was historically bad, and the stars did not shine as brightly as they did in 2022.

Nolan Arenado took that personally. For a player who is known for being competitive and fiery, Arenado took a lot of responsibility for the 2023 season. He's a leader on this team, contrary to the opinions of some, and this quote embodies his goal for 2024: to win.

In an interview with Katie Woo of The Athletic, Arenado spoke of the importance of the 2024 season. It's a pivotal year for a franchise that hasn't won a playoff game in half a decade. The urgency to succeed next season is massive; the pressure on the players is even greater. Arenado is placing some of the most pressure on the team on himself.

The St. Louis Cardinals' franchise is synonymous with winning; 11 World Series titles will do that to an organization. To hear Nolan Arenado, one of the most veteran and talented players on the roster, speak with such candor is refreshing. There is a fire under this team for 2024. Now, they have to go out and perform.

It all starts with him, however. Arenado had a career-worst year last year. His 107 OPS+ was the lowest he's ever had, and his defense, according to some metrics, was also the worst. He accumulated only 5 OAA, a total that was surpassed by even the COVID-shortened 2020 season.

If Nolan Arenado can return to form and lead by example, this team, particularly the offense and defense, can make a serious push for the postseason. Arenado's statement is as powerful as it is brief.