The St. Louis Cardinals' farm system receives more national praise

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Multiple prospects were name dropped by executives

Let's start with the biggest name in the Cardinals' system, Jordan Walker. After establishing his name as a superstar in the making among many in baseball, he was voted by executives as the prospect with the most useable power.

Even without the eyepopping home run totals in the minors so far, scouts and executives believe Walker will tap into that power at a high level going forward, especially since he has one of the most mature approaches at the plate for a player his age.

In those tools rankings, he was also praised for having one of the best hit tools among prospects and was named one of the top-hitting prospects overall.

From that same 2020 class, Tink Hence was tied for second as the most underrated prospect in today's game, and Masyn Winn was one of the top-voted defensive prospects. Once again, it's a reminder of just how great of a job the Cardinals did drafting in one of the weirdest draft seasons ever. The Cardinals' farm system is where it is not in large part due to that class.

The last prospect to receive a lot of praise was Gordon Graceffo, who received votes for how good his fastball was, secondary stuff, and his pitchability. Graceffo has risen significantly within the Cardinals' system, among talent evaluators throughout baseball, and figures to make an impact in St. Louis at some point in 2023.

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