The Corbin Burnes trade has two enormous implications for the Cardinals

The Brewers part with their longtime ace Burnes in a shocking blockbuster, opening the door for the Cardinals to reclaim the NL Central
Milwaukee Brewers v St. Louis Cardinals
Milwaukee Brewers v St. Louis Cardinals / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages
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Dylan Cease's market just got a whole lot more interesting

After the Hoskins signing, it looked like the Brewers weren't going to move Corbin Burnes until the Trade Deadline at the earliest. Contending was still an option for them, but now it looks like they're going into reset mode. One team that will not contend in 2024, however, is the Chicago White Sox. They've been holding on to coveted ace Dylan Cease and have reportedly asked for "the sun and the moon" in exchange for one of the last trade targets being shopped.

However, this asking price has led suitors to look in other directions. The Cincinnati Reds signed Frankie Montas to fill out their rotation. The Braves went to Chris Sale, and the Dodgers traded for Tyler Glasnow. Now, the Orioles, one of the last players involved in the Cease market, have gotten their ace. Combined with rising stars in Bradish, Wells, Rodriguez, and Means, it's unlikely Baltimore will look to Dylan Cease.

There were reports that the Mariners and White Sox had engaged in trade talks for Dylan Cease, but the Mariners rotation is one of the best in baseball, and ultimately such a trade wouldn't move the needle for either team involved. The Cardinals, however, might've put themselves in a perfect spot for acquiring Cease.

St. Louis has taken care of their needs in the rotation well. Lance Lynn and Kyle Gibson will fill the missing innings, and Sonny Gray will headline the rotation. Another starting pitcher is a want, not a need. The White Sox need to move on from Cease soon, as he'll hit free agency well before their window of contention reopens, and they need to capitalize on his value by trading him this offseason.

It's looking less and less likely that the White Sox will move Cease this offseason, which will be a huge mistake, but as the list of suitors runs thin, they may need to turn to St. Louis to recoup any value for their ace. It was reported that the Cardinals were interested in Glasnow after filling their rotation, so why not Cease? Surely after so many teams have turned them down, the White Sox can't ask for Donovan or Gorman right? They may have to settle for a lesser prospect package than initially thought, and the Cardinals may just swoop in.