The Cardinals need a new trade deadline strategy

If the St. Louis Cardinals are going to turn things around for 2024, Cliff Williams thinks they need a whole new strategy.
St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets
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Paul Goldschmidt for 2 Prospects

I know this isn’t a hot take but it really does make sense to trade Paul Goldschmidt now. The Cardinals very seldom get high-value players in a trade at the deadline because they are unwilling to trade high-value players. Well, he is our highest-value player.

He will be 36 years old in September and 37 at the end of his contract. Albert Pujols was younger when his Cardinal contract came up for renewal. He is getting paid $26 million this year and next.

Will Leitch in an article on MLB.Com speculated that two top 100 prospects would be a fair return. Since we are just having fun here let’s go with that.

OUT: Paul Goldschmidt

IN: Two top 100 prospects

Payroll: Save $26M