The Cardinals need a new trade deadline strategy

If the St. Louis Cardinals are going to turn things around for 2024, Cliff Williams thinks they need a whole new strategy.
St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets
St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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Every year as the trade deadline approaches I get excited. It’s a chance to improve the team. New energy. A boost to get us into the playoffs. And then I remember that our representative sitting at the trading table is the group’s designated driver.

He is the one that will maybe have just a sip while he watches everyone else fully participating and having fun.

This year I have seen the Cardinals linked to Shane Bieber, Lucas Giolito, and Alex Cobb among others. I am not very hopeful that we see any of them.

If this team was just a player away I might get excited. Giolito and Cobb would both be rentals as they are free agents at the end of the year. While they might be nice additions and could help get us to the playoffs, I doubt they would make us World Series winners and we would be in the same position next year. That to me is not worth the trade capital.

What if the Cardinals tried something new?

Would you be willing to give up a chance to “maybe” make the playoffs this year for a solid chance to not just be in the World Series next year, but to win the World Series?

Follow along and see if you would be bold enough to make these moves.

Here is how the Cardinals could drastically shake up their strategy