The Cardinals are in talks for Pablo Lopez, here is what the trade may look like

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Trade #3 - Nolan Gorman and Alec Burleson for Pablo Lopez

The third and last trade is another combination of young bats that the Marlins could see as major upgrades to their offense, while the Cardinals trade from their logjams. Again, I don't really support the deals, but I can see a world where the Cardinals pull the trigger.

Nolan Gorman was one of the guys the Cardinals were willing to part with this off-season for the right player. With the emergence of Brendan Donovan this past season, and the potential of Tommy Edman sliding back to second base long-term when Masyn Winn arrives, Gorman is someone the Cardinals could look to capitalize on the value of.

Gorman did not set the world on fire during his rookie campaign, but I do think fans are harder on him than he deserves. Yes, his strikeouts are a major problem (103 SO in 283 AB), but he still managed an .721 OPS and had 27 extra base hits in just 89 games for the Cardinals. Gorman has legit power that can see him become a 30-40 HR a year guy at second base, which is extremely valuable.

The Cardinals really should find Gorman as many at-bats as they can at second base and DH this season, and allow him to grow as a hitter. I am sure the Marlins would love to see him in the middle of their lineup every day instead.

Alec Burleson is another guy who has a ton of talent but it's hard to pin down his role with the Cardinals. Nootbaar, Carlson, O'Neill, and Walker all appear to have inside tracks over him in the outfield, and even Donovan will see time out there. Juan Yepez will compete with him for at-bats DH along with Gorman, so flipping Burleson could make a lot of sense.

Burleson had very limited time in his Major League debut but slashed .331/.372/.532 with 20 HR and 87 RBI for Triple-A Memphis in 2022. Burleson is a corner outfielder and first baseman, and despite the really good hit tool he has, I am not sure he will be able to have consistent at-bats without some injuries happening first.

It would not shock me if any of these three trades went down before or during Spring Training. I would not be a huge fan of any of them, but I can at least see the logic for St. Louis. What do you think of these trades? Would you make a move for Pablo Lopez, or wait for a better option?

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