The 6 biggest concerns we have about the Cardinals as the 2024 season begins

We are just days away from the Cardinals' 2024 season beginning, but there are still many concerns that fans and experts have about the club.

Mar 7, 2024; Jupiter, Florida, USA;  St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Kyle Gibson (44) pitches
Mar 7, 2024; Jupiter, Florida, USA; St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Kyle Gibson (44) pitches / Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports
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6. Tough scheudle to begin the season

We saw how quickly things snowballed in 2023, so a daunting schedule to begin the year is certainly a concern I have.

It's not an excuse to begin the year poorly. If they are around .500 or a few games under, that's one thing. But if they get off to a start like their 10-18 beginning to the 2023 season, this team will be destined to underachieve again and major changes could be coming in St. Louis.

The Cardinals have to find a way to navigate the month of April, even with the injuries and tough opponents they'll face. Good teams don't need to have cakewalk schedules in order to compete.

This is the least concerning thing to me honestly, mostly because if they struggle with the early schedule, it's likely because the five other concerns were actually valid.

If you forgot, here is what the month of April looks like for the Cardinals:

Four games @ Dodgers
Three games @ Padres
Three games vs. Marlins
Three games vs. Phillies
Three games @ Diamondbacks
Three games @ Athletics
Three games vs. Brewers
Three games vs. Diamondbacks
Three games @ Mets
Two games @ Tigers

Is it tough? Yes. Is it harder now that the Cardinals have multiple players beginning the year on the injured list? Sure. But that's no excuse to begin the year like they did last year. Again, they don't have to have an awesome record in April to be a contender this year, but they for sure can't fall apart like they did last year.

If they do, it will be another long year.