Thanksgiving Feast: St. Louis Cardinals edition

There are plenty of food items that are staples at dinner tables across America during Thanksgiving. Certain St. Louis Cardinals are reminiscent of those food staples.
Cincinnati Reds v St. Louis Cardinals
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The Main Course

Ryan Helsley: The hot rolls

This one was simple. Rolls are best served hot. Ryan Helsley throws the heat. Everyone loves it when the rolls are fresh out of the oven (bullpen) ready to be eaten (or ready to pitch). Moving on!

Jordan Walker: Macaroni and cheese

Macaroni and cheese is at at Thanksgiving meal primarily for the children. It isn't the item the adults go to first. Jordan Walker, as one of the youngest players in all of baseball, seems to fit the mac and cheese mold. He is young, talented, and fun to watch. Macaroni and cheese is there for the kids, but even the adults will sneak a spoonful or two of the golden pasta doused in cheese.

Nolan Arenado: Mashed potatoes

There are only a few foods that have been around on Thanksgiving for decades. Mashed potatoes is one of those items. They are on virtually every plate in America, they are always reliable, and they are smooth. Nolan Arenado is also loved by fans across the country, he is a constant force in the middle of the lineup, and his defense is smooth and fun to watch. He is the stereotypical mashed potato entree.

Paul Goldschmidt: Turkey or ham (your preference)

Another staple of Thanksgiving is turkey or ham. I tend to lean towards turkey, but either meat will be at tables across the country. These meats are hearty, classics, and necessary to make a Thanksgiving meal complete. Paul Goldschmidt is also a strong man, a quiet yet powerful player, and he completes a team. He is the calm leader who steps up whenever he is called upon, and without Goldschmidt, this Cardinals team wouldn't be nearly the same. A Thanksgiving meal without turkey or ham just isn't the same.

Tommy Edman: Gravy

Gravy is the most versatile item on a Thanksgiving plate. It can be poured on top of either your turkey or ham, or it can sit inside a nice mashed potato bowl. People don't mind if a little bit of gravy spreads into other food items on their plates, and gravy enhances each portion of the meal. Tommy Edman's versatility alone makes him the perfect gravy choice. He can play multiple positions, and the players love when he gives them an assist.

Brendan Donovan: Stuffing

To me, stuffing and gravy are similar. You don't typically eat these items by themselves, but they are versatile foods that make the other foods around them better. Brendan Donovan fits that mold. He, too, is able to play multiple positions, and he makes the play of those around him better. Stuffing has plenty of unique elements to it, and Brendan Donovan's personality can also place him in the background of situations rather than a foreground, star role.

Matthew Liberatore: Green bean casserole

Green beans are a lean, stringy food. When mixed with butter and cheese in a casserole, the green beans all of a sudden become a lot more tantalizing as a food. Matthew Liberatore is a tall, lanky fellow as well. He is a good pitcher on his own, but when he's paired with a potent offense and a reliable bullpen, he appears that much better.